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Cannabis Dispensary located in Wellfleet, MA

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Our Cape Cod Cannabis team works hard to not only educate and answer your questions but also strives to offer exceptional customer service, and great products at a great price.


We welcome your feedback and review and appreciate your support and ask, if you have an issue, first please give us a call @ 774-383-3133 to resolve.


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  • Caleb Valverde
    11/07/2023 08:39 PM
    Great products and great people!
  • Ryan Nichols
    11/07/2023 08:15 PM
  • Gina Albano-pine
    11/03/2023 10:26 PM
    Love the place! Everyone at the store is awesome!
  • Rocky Racoon
    10/09/2023 12:17 PM
    Every specialist has been a pleasure to talk with. No other dispensary on the Cape I would rather visit. Thanks Casey
  • billy abbott
    10/08/2023 10:18 PM
    Knowledgeable staff, Helpful and kind. Great selection and prices!
  • Chellsea Hontz
    10/07/2023 10:03 PM
  • Julie Mcpherson
    10/07/2023 08:44 PM
    Shout out to Casey (product specialist) who's expertise and humor helped me have a great experience shopping. My favorite place to go when I come to Wellfleet!!! Can't say enough good things about everyone who works there.
  • Brian Tschaepe
    10/07/2023 03:09 AM
    We visit the Cape every year but this is the first year we found Cape Cod Cannabis. I was super impressed with the cleanliness, safety, and many options to choose from. Their amazing employee, Mitch, helped me twice. His knowledge, patience, friendliness, and customer service was phenomenal! He provided great advice and helped narrow down what I was looking for and pick the best options for me. He didn’t get annoyed with my many questions and was incredibly sweet! Mitch definitely deserves a raise or some form of recognition/reward! I 100% recommend this place to everyone… those who use cannabis on a regular basis as well as those who are new to using it. I know I’ll definitely be coming back next year when we return to the Cape, and recommending this place to anyone I know in the area! Thanks for all of the help, Mitch! ❤️
  • Doug Fortune
    10/06/2023 01:07 AM
    Very polite and helpful. Tess, Keith, Sophie, Casey and Morgan are very helpful
  • Sinatala Aiolupotea
    09/28/2023 02:19 AM
    I've been to pretty much all the dispensaries on cape and this by far is my favorite! Pre orders are up in minutes, always clean, and they have the biggest selection for all types of price points! All the staff is incredible and helpful and literally make you feel like family! I tend to see Hannah all the time and she is so knowledgeable and sweet <3 it's absolutely worth the drive