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The Chronicles of Cape Cod Cannabis

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Green Wednesday at Cape Cod Cannabis Wellfleet MA
Cann 101

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday   The cannabis industry’s “Black Friday” gives customers a chance to stock up before the Thanksgiving festivities. You’ll be able to find specials galore across all tiers and

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Dab Vocab
Cann 101

DAB Vocab

DAB Vocab Concentrates clarified. Extracts explained.   FRESH FROZEN – The process of freezing Cannabis plant material right after harvesting it, typically with dry ice, to preserve trichomes for concentrate

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Cann 101

An Introduction to Terpenes

For quite a while, cannabinoids like THC and CBD received much of the attention from cannabis users. Nowadays you’ll hear more and more budtenders placing emphasis on terpenes as well.

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