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Learn about Cannabis and other important information

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  • ALCOHOL. Do not mix cannabis with alcohol.


  • CONSUMPTION. Cannabis use is allowed only in a private space where smoking and/or vaping is allowed. Consumption is prohibited in or around the Cape Cod Cannabis location. Do not consume in public areas as it is prohibited by State and Local laws. Consumption and possession of cannabis on the territory of the Cape Cod National Seashore and the Cape Cod Rail Trail is prohibited. Violators will be put on “blacklist” and would not be able to shop at Cape Cod Cannabis locations in the future.


  • DIVERSION. Consumer may not sell marijuana to any other individual or distribute to minors, doing so may impose a fine and/or imprisonment; Violators will be put on “blacklist” and would not be able to shop at Cape Cod Cannabis locations in the future. Any unused, excess, or contaminated product can be returned to the dispensary for disposal.


  • DOSAGE always speaking with your doctor about your medical history and the medications you are taking before using cannabis. Consult with a physician regarding dosage. For consumers who are new to cannabis we recommend starting with smallest dosage according to package directions and allowing sufficient time to pass to allow effects to be felt, based on the method of consumption or application. Some people report dry mouth, dizziness or paranoia when using cannabis. While many use cannabis to combat anxiety, it may create anxiety in others. Responsible dosing can help you avoid unpleasant experiences with cannabis.


  • DRIVING & MACHINERY cannabis can slow your reaction time. Under M.G.L. c90, §24 it is illegal to drive or operate machinery under the influence of marijuana. When driving, keep your cannabis in a secure area of your vehicle, out of reach of the driver and passengers.


  • FOOD. Do not consume cannabis infused products (edibles) on an empty stomach. We recommend eating a full meal before consuming cannabis infused products as it helps lower the intensity of effects. The undesirable effect will subside with time.


  • LIMITS. You may purchase up to 1 ounce of cannabis flower or up to 5 grams of cannabis concentrate per day. Possessing more than the legal limit (1 oz.) outside of your place of residence may be penalized up to 6 months imprisonment or a $500 fine.


  • PENALTIES. For information regarding penalties for possession or distribution of marijuana in violation of Massachusetts law please refer to M.G.L. c90, §13. Selling cannabis to others is illegal and a first offense (under 50 lbs.) can be punishable up to 2 years of imprisonment or a $5,000 fine.


  • PREGNANCY certain health risks may be associated with consumption of cannabis while pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to become pregnant.


  • STATE BORDER. Stay in Massachusetts and do not cross state lines with cannabis products.


  • STORAGE. Store cannabis securely, away from children and pets. Keep cannabis in the original child-proof packaging and away from other food items. To keep cannabis fresh, store in dark, dry and cool place.


  • TOO MUCH OR TOO STRONG? Anxiety and paranoia may accompany accidental overdose. It is best to stay calm and remain in a comfortable and safe place.


  • TOLERANCE, DEPENDENCE AND WITHDRAWAL. Although it is generally accepted that cannabis is not a physically addictive substance, a psychological dependence is possible with excessive usage of any substance. Please consume cannabis and cannabis products at your now risk. If you or someone you know is experiencing symptoms of substance abuse, consider talking to someone, your physician our counselor, about the drug use. Some examples of symptoms and signs of substance abuse are:
    • Neglecting responsibilities at school, work, or home because of drug use.
    • Using drugs under dangerous conditions or taking risks while high.
    • Built up a drug tolerance.
    • Taking drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. Symptoms may include nausea, sweating, shakiness, and extreme anxiety.
    • Causing problems in relationships.
    • Abandoning previously enjoyed activities.
    • Continuing using drugs, despite knowing it is hurting you.
    • Losing control over drug use, may want to stop using, but feel powerless.
    • Experiencing legal trouble, such as arrests for disorderly conduct, driving under the influence, or stealing to support a drug habit.


    • If you or someone you know is exhibiting signs or symptoms of substance abuse please contact the Massachusetts substance abuse helpline at (800) 327-5050 for further assistance


  • DO take your cannabis products directly from the dispensary to a private residence.
  • DO keep your cannabis sealed and out of reach while in your motor vehicle. Cannabis cannot be transported once opened.
  • DO store cannabis in a safe place away from direct sunlight and out of reach of any children or pets.
  • DO consult your physician if you have any medical conditions before using cannabis.


  • Do NOT consume cannabis in public.
  • Do NOT drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of cannabis.
  • Do NOT consume cannabis with alcohol. Cannabis may increase the intensity of intoxication.
  • Do NOT consume cannabis on National Seashore and bike trail.
  • Do NOT travel out of the state of Massachusetts with your cannabis.
  • Do NOT engage in the diversion of any marijuana products.


How Much Weed Can I Buy at a Time?
1 ounce of flower or 5 grams of concentrate. Up to 20 servings of edibles at a time, which can be up to 100 milligrams of THC.


How Much Am I Allowed to Possess?
You’re allowed to hold up to ten ounces of marijuana in your home. If you’re on the street, the 1 oz or 5 grams rule still applies. You also can’t go out in public, or drive around in your vehicle, with an open container of weed. This will earn you a fine of $500, so respect the law and keep it sealed up.