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The Ins and Outs of Vaping

The Ins and Outs of Vaping

The Ins and Outs of Vaping

Vaping is a very popular way of consuming cannabis, mostly because of how discreet and convenient it is. Users can vape inside their home without worrying about creating a lingering odor like smoking does. I personally don’t find the effects to be as potent as smoking, but it’s nice to be able to get high from bed without stepping outside into the New England winter. If you’re considering getting into vaping, I recommend getting a disposable vape pen from your local dispensary to try it out. Disposables are nice because you don’t have to keep up with charging the battery and you simply throw the whole thing away once you’ve exhausted all the oil inside. No commitment, no hassle. Sometimes there’s a button to hold down while using it, others will be automatically activated by you just inhaling. If you’ve tried vaping already and like it, it may be time to make the switch to cartridges. Cartridges will require you to invest in your own battery to heat the oil up, but it will pay itself off eventually as you typically save a little bit of money per cartridge in comparison to disposables. Let’s explore a few commonly asked questions regarding vapes.


Disposables have been working great for me. Is it really worth looking into cartridges?

If you prefer the convenience of a disposable, then by all means stick with them. I only recommend switching for three main reasons. The first reason is that it can be a bit wasteful to throw away an entire disposable every time. They each contain a lithium-ion battery that can degrade overtime and leak chemicals. The second reason is that there are usually a lot more options for cartridges compared to disposables. Lastly, as stated earlier, you will save money in the long run. Where I live, you can get 0.5ml carts as cheap as $50 and smaller 0.3ml disposables around $40. This seemingly small price variance can add up pretty quickly over time.


How long do disposables/cartridges last?

There’s a few factors that will affect how quickly you go through a vape so it’s hard to say for sure. Some people take longer hits than others and some take hits more frequently. If you’re someone who just takes a few puffs each night before bed, a 0.5ml cart could last a couple weeks. Heavy users could easily go through that in a day.


Isn’t vaping dangerous? I remember hearing about people suddenly dying from vapes a couple years ago.

The influx in vape-related deaths within the last couple years has been a result of people using illegal vapes they purchased off the black market. These vapes were being cut with vitamin E acetate to make the oil last longer, which can be deadly when inhaled. Each state that allows the sales of marijuana is very involved in the regulation of goods from dispensaries so there’s no risk of vitamin E acetate being present in your legal purchases.


How do I know I’m getting the right kind of cartridge/battery?

There’s a few different options for cartridges and their battery counterparts in the cannabis industry. The most common by far are 510 threaded. 510 thread carts will have a circular connector piece that screws into any brand of 510 battery. Pretty much every single dispensary in the country will have these carts abundantly available. Other cartridge options I’ve seen are Pax pods and Dart pods. The Pax pod is rectangle-shaped and only fits into a Pax Era brand battery. Dart pods feature a dome-shaped magnetic pod that only fits into a CCELL Dart battery. Some individuals find certain features of Pax or Dart to be ideal for them specifically, otherwise most people prefer 510 threaded products due to availability and the opportunity to get any 510 battery of your choosing.


What battery should I buy?

For 510 thread batteries, the options are endless. Just know you sort of get what you pay for when it comes to batteries. You could spend as little as $5 on one, but it likely won’t last a year. Others spend up to $100 or more for batteries that are super durable and high quality. I find the sweet spot to be around $20. I have plenty of batteries around this price point that I’ve had for more than two years now. I personally like the brand Yocan, due to the consistency and durability without breaking the bank.


What is the difference between an oil vape and a dry-herb vape?

Everything previously mentioned in this article has been an oil vape. These are vapes that are pre-loaded with an oil, such as distillate. Dry herb vapes are vaporizers with an empty chamber for you to load with actual flower. Vaping flower provides a full-spectrum experience, where the taste and effects of the original flower strain will remain intact (unlike distillate).