High Anxiety

High Anxiety

Potency across cannabis products has been on the rise, there aren’t many beginner friendly products on the market today and it may be hard for a new smoker or people […]

Choosing Your Vape Cart

Choosing your Vape Cart

There are many vaporizer cartridges and all in one disposables out there at a vast amount of different price points, how can you tell which one is right for you? […]

Dry Herb – Why make the switch?

Dry Herb - Why make the switch?

The majority of dry herb vapes are convenient electronic devices that allow the vaporization of cannabinoids without combusting plant material. The lack of combustion in these devices leads to a […]

What is Green Wednesday?

Green Wednesday at Cape Cod Cannabis Wellfleet MA

Green Wednesday   The cannabis industry’s “Black Friday” gives customers a chance to stock up before the Thanksgiving festivities. You’ll be able to find specials galore across all tiers and […]

DAB Vocab

Dab Vocab

DAB Vocab Concentrates clarified. Extracts explained.   FRESH FROZEN – The process of freezing Cannabis plant material right after harvesting it, typically with dry ice, to preserve trichomes for concentrate […]

Recreational Benefits of Using Cannabis

CCC Recreational Benefit

Cannabis can provide countless benefits to a wide variety of different people; benefits that don’t have to be just for medicinal purposes. Those who are just starting to experiment can […]

The Perks of a Dry Herb Vaporizer

CCC Dry Herb Vape Blog

As much as I love my joints, bowls, and bong rips, I will always be a huge advocate for dry herb vaporizers. I had my first experience with one in […]

An Introduction to Terpenes

CCC Terpenes Blog

For quite a while, cannabinoids like THC and CBD received much of the attention from cannabis users. Nowadays you’ll hear more and more budtenders placing emphasis on terpenes as well. […]