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Cannabis Accessories I’m Thankful for

Cannabis Accessories I’m Thankful for

It’s that time of year again. The temperature is dropping, while holiday spirits are rising. As we get ready for Thanksgiving, I wanted to discuss some of the cannabis accessories that I’m grateful for this season. Having the right tools and devices for cannabis consumption can make a world of difference. They also just so happen to make perfect stocking stuffers for those getting a head start on Christmas shopping.


  • Santa Cruz Shredder. This resilient aluminum grinder features a patented tooth design that provides a fluffy grind every time. The texture of the grind allows for much more surface area and air flow which provides an optimal smoking and vaping experience. I’ve had mine for two years now and it still feels as smooth as butter to turn.


  • Moose Labs MouthPeace. A platinum cured silicone mouthpiece for bongs and rigs that features a triple-layer activated carbon filter. Filtering your smoke or vapor with this mouthpiece will give you better peace of mind. The flavor of your strain will also be preserved better with less resins, contaminants, and tar.


  • King Palm wraps. Handmade leaf wrap for smoking that comes pre-rolled for convenience. King Palms have all-natural ingredients that don’t contain any tobacco, harsh chemicals, or glue. The wrap is made from a Cordia palm leaf which is ethically sourced. The filter is simply a corn husk. Perfect for those seeking a slow-burning experience reminiscent of a blunt, without the additives.


  • Debowler. A spiked ashtray that boasts a simple design, yet is very efficient in removing the ash from your bowl with no mess. I no longer use paper clips and bobby pins to clear my pieces thanks to the debowler.


  • Tetra Slide Lighter. For those who enjoy smoking joints or blunts outside, the wind can be your worst enemy. Luckily this lighter slides open to reveal a heated coil rather than a flame that easily goes out. The elements will no longer prohibit you from enjoying a toke outside. Fuel-free and rechargeable with a USB charger.


  • DynaVap M. Battery-free vaporizer that can be used for dry herb or concentrates. This would make a great gift for those who are easily frustrated by the unreliability of electronics. Simply apply heat from a butane torch (a lighter works okay as well, just not as efficient) to the bottom of the DynaVap. One of my favorite aspects of using a vaporizer is that you can continue to utilize your torched bud. It will become decarboxylated after use and still retain some THC, so feel free to throw it on a cracker with some peanut butter to reuse it.

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