Your dosing will of course vary depending on how you are consuming cannabis. We will start with the easiest method of dosing, which is smoking. Smoking provides you with almost instant effects due to THC passing from the lungs and into the bloodstream. The bloodstream then rapidly delivers the cannabinoids to the brain. Because of this, users can simply take a small puff from their desired delivery device, wait a moment to see how they feel, and re-dose if necessary. Some will be more than satisfied with a hit or two from a joint. Others may seek heavier effects or have a larger tolerance to THC and thus will smoke as much as a few grams at a time. Smokers can expect this high to last a couple hours, or less for those with a tolerance. Vaping will have the same onset and duration.


Edibles, tinctures, and other oral or sublingual means of consumption will be measured in milligrams of THC. A standard starting dose for beginners is 5 mgs. For some people, this is just enough to get a moderate high without being too much. One important thing to remember is that responses to THC vary greatly and it’s going to be trial and error to find your perfect dose. I’ve known large men who get too high from 5 mgs, and I’ve known petite women who needed 100 mgs to feel anything their first time using cannabis. The spectrum is quite wide and we chalk this up to everyone’s individual body chemistry, rather than gender or weight. Starting low and slow is always the safest way to familiarize yourself with cannabis.

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